A year after Donald Trump was sworn in as President of America, Tharik Hussain revisits some of the Muslim communities in the US he last encountered just before the American election. Then, Tharik was exploring the country's forgotten Muslim past against the backdrop of one of the most anti-Muslim Presidential races in history.

Tharik discusses his latest journey across America meeting Muslims to learn about life under one of the most divisive US Presidents in recent history. He also talks about his first radio documentary, Mosques in America, which was recorded during the US presidential race in 2016.

Tharik is invited onto  the Nadia Ali show to discuss his radio award, life as a British-Bangladeshi Travel Writer, the journeys he's made, the book he's working on and most importantly, to explain why he doesn't wear a 'lunghi'!

Tharik Hussain continues his journey across America to find out what role mosques are playing in the country today. In Washington DC he visits The Nation's Mosque, which was once an exclusively black"Muslim Temple" for the Nation of Islam before becoming an inclusive Muslim Mosque for mainstream Islam.

In the DC area he also visits an community which is moving from rented accommodation to a permanent home. It is part of a new movement led by a younger generation going against the usual narrative of elder members of the community founding local mosques.

America’s ‘Mother Mosque’, the oldest purpose-built Mosque in the US, is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Tharik Hussain joins the congregation - most of them second or third generation Syrian and Lebanese Muslims - as well as newer arrivals, for prayer and meets members of the ‘Sunday schools’ and weekday classes. Unknown to many Americans, there is an older Mosque. Hussain seeks it out on the streets of New York City and joins a tea dance specially put on for him. Many of its members are descendants of the Lithuanian Tartar Society that founded it, and their affection for the building is as much about this ancestry as anything else.

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