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cover of 17th edition

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cover of 11th edition

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cover of 2nd edition

Early 2020

For these titles, Tharik travelled through southern Thailand exploring the mainland and the Thai Gulf islands of Ko Samui, Ko Pha-Ngan and Ko Tao.

Southern Thailand is home to the country's largest concentration of Muslims and Tharik's expertise in Muslim culture was particularly useful for this update, where he was able to add a considerable body of material concerning the region's Muslim cultural heritage. This included discovering points of interest including ruined forts and little-known tombs linked to the 17th century Thai-Muslim Sultanate of Singhora and developing a self-guided trail to help explore them. 

TOCOBH - Tales from Many Muslim Worlds.p

December 2019

Relating his astonishing discovery of indigenous Muslims residing in Romania, Tharik is one of several writers to contribute to this excellent new anthology that aims to counter the stereotypical representations of Muslims globally.

Tharik's chapter reminds readers that Romania, like many parts of modern day Europe has a hidden and deep Muslim heritage, one often lying in plain sight.


IR Cover_edited.jpg

September 2019

To work on this update, Tharik became the first Muslim travel writer in recent history to travel the length and breadth of Saudi Arabia.

Dubbed the 'final frontier of tourism' Tharik added a considerable body of work to LP's existing content on Saudi Arabia. Amongst the places he introduced to the guide, was the Asir region, the Farasan Islands, Hail and much of the Red Sea coast. Tharik also wrote the guide to Bahrain for this edition.

October 2018

Tharik was the editor of this special revival edition of the Islamic Review as part of a major heritage project at the Shah Jahan Mosque, in Woking, Surrey, England. The magazine was a collection of articles written by the country's leading academics and practitioners in the field of British Muslim heritage. It also included contributions by locals interested in the topic. 

The original Islamic Review magazine was the longest running Muslim journal to be published in England. It was founded in 1913 as the Muslim India and islamic Review by the Woking Muslim Mission at the Shah Jahan Mosque and published articles by many of the early 20th century's great luminaries  up until 1971.