Going Places Magazine, June 2019

As Ramadan ends, nearly two billion Muslims across the world celebrate Eid al-Fitr this month.

The Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr marks the end of the month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast every day from sunrise until sunset. There are two Eids in the Islamic calendar and each one marks a significant moment for almost two billion Muslims around the world.

My Salaam, 15 March 2018

This week, the Shah Jahan Mosque in Woking, England, became the first mosque in Britain to be listed as Grade I by the country’s government. The move, which recognises the mosque’s exceptional historic, architectural and cultural importance, puts it on equal footing with other major historic British monuments, including Buckingham Palace.

Al Jazeera English, 15 December, 2017

At 6am on December 25, 1888, the winter sun was yet to rise over the English city of Liverpool. A Victorian terrace house was feverish with activity. The soft glow of candlelight emanating from 8 Brougham Terrace revealed men and women busily putting up decorations and preparing food for the big celebration ahead, Christmas Day.

My Salaam, Nov 26, 2017

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, launched the country’s first ever mosque archives on Wednesday by opening East London Mosque’s new strong room and telling British Muslims “familiarity with our history frees us from false narratives”.

My Salaam, Nov 15, 2017

This week, thousands of Polish nationalists and far-right supporters took to the streets of Warsaw, some of them holding anti-Muslim signs, including one that read “pray for Islamic holocaust”. Aired across the globe, the shocking scenes left many wondering if Poland has forgotten its considerable Muslim heritage.

Arab News, 23 October, 2017

Last week, the Brooklyn Muslim Mosque celebrated its 110th year anniversary in Astoria, New York City. It is America’s oldest Muslim association, founded by white Muslims that emigrated from the Baltic states of northern Europe.

BBC News, 12 October, 2017

Researchers in Sweden have found Arabic characters woven into burial costumes from Viking boat graves. The discovery raises new questions about the influence of Islam in Scandinavia, writes journalist Tharik Hussain.

My Salaam, 27 September, 2017

Last month, 43-year-old Rashid Ali became the first person in history to ride a bicycle nearly 5,000 km from London to the holy city of Makkah to perform the haj. 

Salaam Gateway, September, 09, 2016

In a clear indication that the halal and Muslim-friendly travel market can no longer be ignored, Lonely Planet, the world's largest travel guide book publisher, has taken its first steps into the sector with a publication aimed exclusively at Muslims.

The Baltic Times, 19 May 2016

The detached building at number 104 Power Street stands alone and out of place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a trendy district of New York City. The pointed roof, white wooden slats, and traditional facade, surrounded by modern houses, seem to belong to a different era.

BBC News Magazine, 1 January 2016

It may not be the kind of place you would expect to stumble upon a mosque, but Muslims have lived among the forests and lakes of Lithuania for more than 600 years - showing that tolerance reigned here in the Middle Ages, even when religious strife was rampant in other parts of Europe.

Salaam Gateway, December 02, 2015

Switzerland’s tourism has been hit hard by the global travel slowdown.The Swiss Federal Statistical Office’s latest figures show that 44 percent of the country’s tourism source--made up of individual nations and regions, have seen arrival numbers drop between 2013 and 2014. "I want one million overnight stays from Gulf nations by 2016 ...

Salaam Gateway, November 24, 2015

As Indonesia celebrates its success in halal tourism with the announcement that $29 million a year will be used to promote the country further in the sector, the nation’s travel experts say it is an ideal destination for Muslim tourists. Last month, Indonesia walked away with the largest haul of Halal Travel Awards ...

Salaam Gateway, November 10, 2015

At October’s inaugural World Halal Travel Awards in Abu Dhabi, nominees for companies based in the West were conspicuous by their absence. In 14 categories at the awards, presented at the World Halal Travel Summit, only two finalists came from outside Asia and Africa, with one of them in the prestigious World’s Best Halal ...

The Baltic Times, November 5, 2015

About twenty minutes drive southwest of Lithuania's capital, Vilnius, just past the settlement of Pagiriai, a dusty tree-lined road heads west behind a little, red, Dina petrol station. The road is flanked on either side by silver birch and small evergreens, which break every so often to reveal tired concrete benches where buses pull up several times a day... 

Salaam Gateway, November 2, 2015

San Francisco-based Gensler is the American design and architectural firm tasked with offering design and logistical solutions for visitors and residents of the Muslim holy city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia. This includes the site of Al Masjid Al Haram, the sacred mosque containing the Kaaba. Our interview with Bill Hooper, Principal at Gensler and lead on the Makkah project ...

Salaam Gateway, November 2, 2015

Founded in 1965, San Francisco-based Gensler is the American design and architectural firm tasked with offering design and logistical solutions for visitors and residents of the Muslim holy city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia. This includes the site of Al Masjid Al Haram, the sacred mosque containing the Kaaba. Saudi authorities turned to Gensler for assistance with issues relating ...

Salaam Gateway, September 16, 2015

Crescentrating is increasingly acknowledged by global bodies as an authority on Muslim travel. The Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) estimate of the Muslim travel market is one of the most widely used figures. The company expanded its reach and authority by opening offices in Japan and launching the first-ever halal travel glossary to help decode Islamic terminology ...

Salaam Gateway, September 14, 2015

Founded in 2011, Yamsafer is an Arabic travel website for hotel bookings in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region mainly, but it also offers hotels in Istanbul, London and Paris. Booking options cover 18 countries, offering close to 4,000 hotels online, many of which allow payment on arrival. In 2012 Yamsafer became the first Palestinian company to secure venture ...

Salaam Gateway, September 4, 2015

With spending on family travel expected to rise dramatically among the Middle East’s wealthiest, Muslim travel insiders say it is family-friendly and female-only facilities that could attract their attention. “70 to 75 percent of’s business is to Turkey, and is driven mainly by Antalya’s unrivalled Muslim-friendly and family-friendly resort offering ...

Salaam Gateway, September 4, 2015

With a rich Muslim heritage, two of the world’s sexiest football teams and a host of luxury beachside hotspots, Spain is potentially the biggest benefactor of the recent UAE Schengen visa waiver agreement. “Arabs love football, and they especially love Real Madrid and Barcelona, more than their own football teams in their own countries,” says Marwan Ahmed Saeed ...

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