Tharik has been a consultant for a number of initiatives and organisations from within the travel, heritage, arts, education and corporate sectors. 

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In July 2019 Tharik completed the research and development of Britain's first Muslim heritage trails in Surrey, England for the Everyday Muslim Heritage and Archive Initiative.

Britain's Muslim Heritage Trail #1: The Woking Trail

This is Britain's very first self-guided Muslim heritage trail taking visitors between three of the country's most important Muslim sites. The Shah Jahan Mosque, Britain's first purpose built mosque founded in 1889, The Muhammadan Cemetery, Britain's first Muslim Cemetery founded in 1884 and The Woking Muslim War Cemetery, Britain's first Muslim military cemetery founded in 1915.

Britain's Muslim Heritage Trail #2: The Muslim Cemetery Walk

Britain's first Muslim cemetery walk is centred around the historic Muhammadan Cemetery founded in 1884 inside the Brookwood Cemetery. It takes visitors on a walking trail of 46 graves that include the grave of the cemetery and Shah Jahan Mosque's founder, Dr Gottlieb Wilhelm Leitner, several famous early British converts - Lord Headley, Abdullah Quilliam and Marmaduke Pickthall. The trail also identifies the graves of Muslim soldiers who died fighting for Britain in WWi and WWII, the last Ottoman princess, a Yemeni king and an actual British descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.

Tharik was the main cultural consultant on the highly successful, star-studded play, End of the Pier, featuring Les Dennis, Blake Harrison, Tala Gouveia and Nitin Ganatra.

Tharik helped to develop the character Mohammed, a Muslim-Bangladeshi, journalist and political activist, played by Nitin Ganatra. Ganatra went on to put in an award-winning performance in the highly acclaimed play written by Danny Robins.

End of the Pier ran from July to August 2018 at the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park, London. 

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