Tharik is part of a panel of advisors from the University of Groningen, supporting this international project involving 6 organisations across four countries (Netherlands, France, Spain and Hungary).


Rebelah aims to foster inclusion and promote the social and educational value of Europe's religious and cultural heritage amongst adult educators 

The Living and the Dead:
Exploring Minority Burial Grounds in Brookwood Cemetery

Tharik is a key advisor for this project exploring the narratives within the famous Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey, England.

Tharik's expertise have been sought concerning the historical Muslim burial grounds at the cemetery.

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Tharik created Britain's first Muslim heritage trails in 2019 for the Everyday Muslim Heritage and Archive Initiative.

Britain's Muslim Heritage Trail #1: The Woking Trail

Britain's first self-guided Muslim heritage trail connects three important Muslim sites: The Shah Jahan Mosque (1889), The Muhammadan Cemetery (1884) and The Woking Muslim War Cemetery (1915).

Britain's Muslim Heritage Trail #2: The Muslim Cemetery Walk

Britain's first Muslim cemetery walk is centred around the historic Muhammadan Cemetery founded in 1884 inside the Brookwood Cemetery. 

Tharik was the main cultural consultant on the 2018 star-studded play, End of the Pier, featuring Les Dennis, Blake Harrison, Tala Gouveia and Nitin Ganatra. He helped develop the character of Mohammed, a Muslim-Bangladeshi, journalist and political activist, played by Nitin Ganatra. 

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